Ulticare Mini


The Ulticare Mini is a small portable personal PEMF device perfect for when you want to focus on specific, smaller areas of the body. The Ulticare Mini is supplied with a 1 panel soft applicator mat which can be used to lie on or be positioned over or next to the area to be treated. This device also comes with a simple 3 button control and large easy to read display, you can plug in and begin your treatment in seconds. You can expand the Mini’s capabilities by purchasing additional application such as a larger pad, hoop, precision spot applicator which makes it an even greater value!
The Ulticare Mini comes with its own carrying bag. Our patented NTS (Never the Same) technology is unique in the way the frequencies used modulate so that each individual use of the device is different within the frequency range of the program, ensuring our bodies do not get used to any particular frequency and block the beneficial effects. Our equipment carries a 30 day money back guarantee, a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and is CE certified.

Why choose the Ulticare Mini

  • Treatment for the whole family in the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Light and portable with its own carrying bag
  • Compact dimensions
  • Ulticare Maxi size: 68 cm x 24 cm (Length x Width)
  • Ulticare Mini size : 16 cm x 24 cm (Length x Width)

“Small enough to carry about, large enough to cope with your health issues”

  • Easy to navigate menu with only 3 buttons
  • Clear, easy to read display
  • Audio signals to help the visually impaired
  • Automatic switch off at the end of the treatment
  • Changeable applicators (sold separately) for different health issues
  • NTS patented technology

The unique and patented (NTS) technology constantly changes the frequency within the chosen program range thus eliminating the tendency of cells to become accustomed to certain frequencies. This greatly improves the efficiency of the equipment when used over prolonged periods.

Three easy to use programs

Program P1

(freq. ranging from 3Hz to 40Hz)

P1 Is our most popular and widely used program. It has wide range of applications in particular, it is very effective in long term treatment of inflammations, muscle relaxation & overall general wellbeing.

  • Inflammation treatment
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Increased blood flow
  • General Wellbeing

Program P2

(freq. ranging from 1Hz to 72Hz)

P2 Can be used to treat more chronic injuries. Is particular useful as very effective painkiller. Wider range of frequencies and stronger intensity as in program P1 are hugely beneficial to strengthen immunity system, support recovery & overall healing effect.

  • Very Effective painkiller
  • Strengthen & improve immunity system
  • Overall regeneration and speed up recovery

Program P3

(freq. ranging from 1 Hz to 40Hz)

P3 program is the most effective program as it allows you to choose a single fixed frequency. This is very useful as you can pinpoint specific frequency or narrow down range of frequencies, which has the most profound therapeutic effect on your condition. We will also provide a comprehensive list of specific frequencies ,which have the best therapeutically effect on wide range of ailments.


Low frequency – 1 to 10 Hz
Strong painkilling and muscle relaxing effect.


Medium frequency – 10 to 15 Hz
Anti-inflammatory, suitable for chronic and degenerative diseases: increase blood flow which results in enhanced oxygen and nutrients supply to muscles, swelling suppression.


Higher frequency – up to 16 to 25 Hz
Prevailing stimulating effects that support bone healing, improve post-injury states and work well with acute disease, detoxification.


Frequency above 25 Hz (26 to 72 Hz)
Higher frequencies or frequencies above 25 Hz are usually intended for more intensive support of the healing process, regeneration and detoxification.

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Typical shape of pulses of Ulticare Maxi LT99 and Biotorus LT100 devices

  • Blue trace 1: Magnetic induction B pulsescale: 500mV ~ 2mT
  • Red trace 2: current induced into tissue

Not noted in scale, current depends on specific body tissue conductivity. This sample waveform is measured indirectly, using an induction probe. It is proportional to derivation (change) of B in time (dB/dT)

Program P3 waveforms – fixed frequency

​Pulses are equally spaced

Frequency can be set in range of 2 to 72 Hz

(This sample approx. 72Hz)

Program P2 waveforms – random frequency

Pulses are generated as groups with randomly selected frequency, varying in seconds.

Range is fixed between 2 to 72Hz.

Program P1 waveforms – wobbling frequency

Pulses are generated as up/down swept sequence of pulses.

Range is fixed between
4 to 40Hz.

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